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Resolving 3 frequent challenges Indie artists face in varying stages of their career.
Sep 28, 01:59 PM

Indie artists are dedicated to maintaining musical authenticity, fighting to stay true to their artistic vision of music, free of sales-savvy managers from commercial record labels. To help you stay your steady course as an indie artist, we've outlined some practical strategies to  overcome 3 of the most frequent challenges artists like you have faced and continue to face.

  1. Coping with rejection: recomposing yourself, but not your music!

As cliché as this may sound, expect the unexpected and be prepared for rejection and tough critic reviews. Bands that have revolutionized the face of indie music faced endless adversity. Focus on your goals and the positive reviews, converting criticism into a learning experience that fuels your motivation to rise above negative reviews. Use these difficult moments as an opportunity to infuse raw emotion and even angst into your music, a great way for fans to find solace through your music and identify with you at eye level. We are all human and face fallbacks.

  1. Blending marketing and music: limited funds don't mean limited opportunities.

The internet has made the challenge of marketing indie music fairly accessible and feasible. Use free social media networks to voice messages, network and build relationships with the public, fans, journalists and critics; Delegate the responsibility amongst band members to share video posts, articles and reviews of albums or performances on social media, and ensure a set percentage of band profits are dedicated to paid and targeted advertising on high traffic indie artist forums, music blogs and music vendor websites. 

  1. The dream team: staying united to keep your mission alive and music heard.

Finding the right blend of bandmates that share your artistic vision is challenging, but one of the best ways to keep creative chemistry alive is through social gatherings that create a relaxed setting for brainstorming, bonding and communication that build trust. Listen to your bandmates and stay open to your music taking new directions; diversity speaks miles for indie bands, as it's the various dimensions that indie music offers that keep critics and fans buzzing about your music.

Final words of wisdom: never lose faith and always look ahead. For centuries the most successful indie artists have reinvented themselves as society advances, without compromising artistic integrity or values. 

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