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To: All Indie Musicians who want to play in New York
Mar 01, 05:49 AM

If you are an indie musician interested in performing in clubs in New York, there are a few ways to can go about doing this. The secret is to first hone your talent and know what you and your music is all about. This means that you must know your market and what type of music you do to a T. While easier said than done, clubs everywhere, especially in New York, want to know exactly what they will be getting when they allow indie musicians to play inside their clubs. You must know the type of crowd that usually listens to your music, the demographic you usually cater to, as well as other musicians who might be similar to you; this is so the club can get the best feel for what you and your music is all about. It is best for you to know this information inside and out before you ever approach any club about performing there.

At the end of the day, all indie musicians must remember that they are selling not only their talent, but that they are also selling themselves. Clubs want to work with indie musicians who are professional as well as very talented. But, it doesn’t matter how talented an indie musician happens to be, if they are unprofessional, rude, or disrespectful, they will not be invited to play at any club in New York, this is simply the reality of the situation. While being courteous, polite and nice are the best ways for any indie musician to get their foot in the door of playing a wide variety of clubs in New York, another great thing that an indie musician can do to help their cause is to print up flyers or postcards which further brand who they are as a musician and what their music is defined as. For instance, no jazz club in New York wants a hardcore metal musician playing at their venue, it just doesn’t happen like that. This is why every indie musician must know their specific demographic and only target the clubs which fit into that demographic; and then wait for the club to approve the musician’s request. It truly is a numbers game, and all an indie musician can do is be talented, be themselves, and be nice, there is really not much else guesswork to playing in clubs in New York.

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