What is Going On?
Myindieland is a social network for indie musicians. You can upload your music and sell it, you can post updates, publish events, write a blog and stay in touch with your growing fan base.
Is Myindieland.com free?
Yes. Usage of the site is free. Completely.
Then How Do You Make Money?
When an indie musician sells music through our site, we collect a 10% shared revenue fee. So we make money only if the musicians make money!
How can I promote myself on Myindieland.com?
We are currently in our alpha stage, but when we get to beta, new tools and promotion possibilities for indie musicians will be available!
I found this bug in your system…
We are currently in our alpha stage, so some features may not work properly. We'd really appreciate it if you could use the contact form to tell us about what you found. Thanks!
How can I sell music through myindieland.com?
All you need is a Paypal account. Then just upload your music via your dashboard, design your music's page to your liking and there you go! Your music is online and ready to be baught!
What types of files can I upload?
You can upload either WAV files or MP3 files.
What type of files will my buyers recieve?
Your buyers will recieve high-quality mp3 files of your music.
Can I add art to my music?
Absolutly! Every track in your album can have art connected to it. When a fan buys your album, they will recieve all the art connected to it as well!